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Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Where creation meets innovation and french manufacture.

French manufacturing

All the products that we sell are manufactured by us in our factory in VENDRES near BEZIERS in the south of France.

This is the reason why, we can pride ourselves to be, so far in late 2017 the only company in the world to benefit since 2012 from the label ORIGINE FRANCE GARANTIE certified by Bureau Véritas N° 6012817 of 24.01.2012.

WE CREATE AND MANUFACTURE products under our brands: MAQPRO / MICHEL DERUELLE / LE MAQUILLAGE FRANÇAIS, etc ... and we offer our customers the possibility to create their own makeup brand under very interesting conditions, this is the “private label”.

R & D

Our factory of about 2000 M2 includes:

- a research laboratory to constantly create new products and meet the demands of our clients.

- a control laboratory of raw materials and manufactures.

- different workshops spaces for the production, conditioning, packaging, labelling, storage and shipping.

- A pad printing workshop that allows us to offer our customers personalized prints highly appreciated by our private label clients.


We use the best raw materials and especially very high quality pigments with a high dosage of + 30%. Our ingredients are the most natural possible.

Our products obviously meet all legal standards and toxicological tests are not carried out on animals; they are without paraben. We certify that our raw materials are mainly of French origin and that those imported are not from countries that exploit children.

Remember that French legislation is the most rigorous in the world; it guarantees a great security to the users of the products which conform to it, it is the case with of all our products. The precautionary principle is always respected in accordance with the very strict French law on this subject unlike other countries.

The factory is directed by Pierre BRUNNER jr. He is assisted by a permanent team of about 25 people and temporary staff are joining the team when required.

We,as Maqpro Greece, are proud to distribute these fine products in Greece and offer our customers and professional makeup and sfx artists with the best quality cosmetics .




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