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The MAQPRO Story


when Nine and Pierre BRUNNER renowned cosmetics and perfumes specialists met Michel DERUELLE, the biggest movies make-up artist of that time, whom used to be calledl: “Make-up artist of the stars, star of make-up artists”.

MAQPRO the brand is the outcome of a long process which hasn’t always been easy… At this time, professional make-up products didn’t really exist in France, the market was offering some American and German products, however they were not satisfactory.

Michel Deruelle was offered by Hollywood studios a sample of all make-up products which were existing at the time. After trying them all, he concluded that he could create a professional makeup range that met the needs for both technical and artistic creation: meeting Pierre BRUNNER was the spark that gave life to his dream.


Little by little, products were created, not as one usually conceives a make-up range but to respond as and when to the needs of Michelle Deruelle when shooting on a film set with celebrities including: Elizabeth TAYLOR, Romy SCHNEIDER, Catherine DENEUVE, Sophie MARCEAU, Orson WELLES, Gregory PECK, Jean GABIN, Alain DELON, Gérard DEPARDIEU and many more. Not to forget the stars of dance, Rudolph NOUREEV, opera singers Placido DOMINGO and Ruggiero RAIMONDI. Unfortunately, it is not possible and would take some time to name them all…

Everyone wanted Michel Deruelle, his products were in demand. Although many make-up artists started to have interest for them as they were convinced of the quality of the products, the sales remained “confidential”.


Michel DERUELLE was seen as a competitor; jealousy was often stronger than the desire to obtain perfect results with high performance products. The antagonism between Michel Deruelle and his industry push Nine and Pierre BRUNNER to put a distance and change the brand. They developed the product range in a realistic commercial struct


Nine and Pierre Brunner have two sons, Pierre junior and Alain who decided to join the family business. Pierre follows his father steps with the technical aspects and Alain conducts the commercial side of the business including the makeup practice which he learnt with Michel Deruelle himself, a rare privilege as only 5 make-up artists can claim this prestigious knowledge. At the end of the 90’s, Pierre BRUNNER, fell seriously ill and passed away in 2006, but the succession of the business was ensured by his sons with a new commercial policy


A new business structure, MAQPRO, was created in 2007, under the presidency of Nine BRUNNER, with a dual commercial focus: special effects products for the professionals and the world of first aid, and beauty products developed for professionals, but also for the semi – professionals and the general public.

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εταιρεια καλλυντικων


A new factory was created, in the south of France, close to Beziers. Its size and equipment increase each year to answer the demand and constant development under the direction of Pierre Brunner jr. From the office/ show room in Paris, Alain directs the commercial activity in France and abroad. MAQPRO is present in more than 30 countries with both branded and private label products. Nine BRUNNER continues to oversee all of the company’s activities.

The foundation was established by the first generation, Nine and Pierre BRUNNER. The second generation, Pierre and Alain Brunner continue to build the business step by step while in the shadows of the third generation - the sons of Pierre and Alain – they’re preparing to ensure the sustainability of the company.


That’s it! Now you know a bit more about the ‘Maison MAQPRO’ and its history.

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