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Updated: Jun 14, 2023

We are very happy to announce our collaboration with production company TANWEER PRODUCTIONS for the new series
of COSMOTE TV, ΄17 Threads'.


The new TV series by Sotiris Tsafoulias based on a case that shook the island of Kythira in Grece and comes to life almost 100 years later in the same place.
A shocking, true story little known until now, which was brought to light by the book of Panos Dimakis (published by Kappa Publishing House).
The script of the series is written by Mirella Papaoikonomou and Katia Kissonergi, while Panos Vlachos and Athena Tsilira star alongside a large cast of Greek actors.
Make up artist Katerina Varthalitou chose the products of MAQPRO PARIS for the demanding filming of the series.
Filming takes place in Kythira and Attica.
"17 Threads" will premiere exclusively on COSMOTE TV next TV season. The official distributor of MAQPRO PARIS in Greece, MAQPRO GREECE, is the supplier of the make-up products and a sponsor of the series.


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