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Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Why rescuers,army and first aid workers use SFX products.

The importance of SFX product use at training sessions in the armed forces, fire brigade, hospitals, first aid specialists, police, and rescuers, is huge as the more realistic the scene is, the better the reaction of the trainees is.

Simulating realistic situations leads to more realistic reactions.

We at MAQPRO PARIS are proud to offer currently our products and application techniques training to :

RESCUERS & FIRST AIDERS: Firemen–Army–French Red Cross–Schools–Companies––Hospitals and many French Association of first aid.....etc.

It's a great privilege for us to support and train all these professionals to achieve their goals.

Maqpro Greece has already been in conduct with Greek public authorities to offer knowledge and experience in this matter.

For more infos you can read our SFX technical guide.



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